Welcome to Lengsdorf, Germany

Lengsdorf is a district of the City of Bonn.

The Lengsdorf Volunteer Fire Company was founded in 1907, and today it is a unit of the Bonn Fire Brigade. It consists of the operations section, the honor section, and the 1965 established Young Firefighters.

The fire company is supported by an association of promotion.

The independent City of Bonn is located in the outer south west of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of Germany's federal states. In recognition of its status as West Germany's capital until 1991, Bonn is designated as Federal City.

Currently the city is the location of 19 United Nations institutions. In 1770 Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn.

In Germany public fire protection is exclusively a local matter. The legislation related to firefighting is under the competence of the federal states.

Tasks of the rural and urban districts are supporting activities and facilities such as the establishment of fire-training centers for the municipalities.

The federal level only tasks such as the unification of common standards and guidelines. You will find an adequate description of the German fire fighting system in the English Wikipedia: German fire services.

Bonn's fire department consists of a professional brigade and 18 volunteer units inclusive their Young Fire Fighters. A fireboat is stationed on the Rhine.

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